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Some Alternative Uses for Your Crypto GPU Mining Rigs

Some Alternative Uses for Your Crypto GPU Mining Rigs


When crypto mining profit is low a lot of people either turn off their GPU mining rigs or start to mine higher risk altcoins in order to possibly realize higher profit from them in the near future. There is however another option available and that is to rent your computing power to various services that use the resources for other things such as game rendering and streaming, video transcoding, 3D model and scene rendering, machine learning and artificial intelligence or password cracking or even large data processing and so on. There are a number of such services already available and while they may still not have enough customers or pay as much as crypto may in booming period, when you are barely covering electricity costs they may be a good alternative choice.

Alternative computing services however do come with more strict requirements for the hardware you are going to be renting for processing different kinds of data and you need to carefully read the requirements first. Specific requirements may ask that you have just one or two video cards on 8x or x16 PCI-E slots (x1 extenders are not Ok) for gaming where bandwidth of the PCI-Express slots is very important and more than two GPUs aren’t usable. Having a mid-range quad-core or better CPU may also be required in some cases where the processor is also being significantly loaded when processing large amounts of data with the GPUs or at least 8GB/16GB as a minimum or more system memory to be available. Most of these services may require specific GPU type for Example Nvidia CUDA or AMD OpenCL, so they may not be open to everyone depending on the used mining hardware. You may need to install specific operating system, including special Linux-based distributions or a special client software that is available for multiple OSes and such. So do make sure you do a proper research on what you need for each service.

Here are a few interesting paying alternatives to get you started:
Golem Nework for Rendering…
Vectordash for Remote Gaming…
VastAI for Deep Learning and AI…

Some options to contribute GPU computing power for free:
BOINC Science

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