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Mining Equilibria (XEQ) Using the Cryptonight-GPU Algorithm

Mining Equilibria (XEQ) Using the Cryptonight-GPU Algorithm


Equilibria (XEQ) is an interesting mineable crypto project, a relatively new one, that gives the ability to the owners of XEQ to issue $USDE – a stablecoin redeemable for $1 equivalent of Equilibria… the so called private and decentralized dollar. It is an interesting alternative to the traditional stablecoins we know and use in the world of crypto, so worth checking out. Another interesting thing is that the Equilibria (XEQ) project has forked and is currently using the Cryptonight-GPU algorithm that we know from RYO and we like thanks to the fair GPU mining to all participants in the mining process it offers regardless if they use AMD or Nvidia GPUs, unlike what most other CryptoNight variants.

The difficulty and hasrate for the Equilibria is not that big at the moment, so it might be a good oppotrtunity to jump in and mine some XEQ coins. As already mentioned the project uses Cryptonight-GPU can be mined with XMR-Stak, XMRig and SRBMiner – the most popular AMD CryptoNight miners as well as with CryptoDredge for Nvidia GPUs for best performance. There are a few mining pools available with HeroMiners being the largest in terms of hashrate at the moment. XEQ is also traded on a couple of exchanges already such as TradeOgre, Qtrade and Citex.

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