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Coinmine One Crypto Miner For The Non-Traditional Miner

Coinmine One Crypto Miner For The Non-Traditional Miner


The traditional crypto miner is always looking at the profitability and specs of an ASIC, FPGA, GPU and CPU mining hardware and after that takes into account other factors that may not be as important. Then there are the non-traditional miners that might be more interested into a cool-looking and easy to use miner that may not be very or profitable at all on daily basis, for people like that the Coinmine might be the perfect solution. A nice looking mining box that runs silent and is easy to connect and operate via your smartphone and it even mines a number of crypto coins as an extra.

The CoinmineOne miner is available for $699 USD, it can mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Grin and Monero and you can also earn 6.5% APR interest on the crypto in your Coinmine One wallet. With just 160W of average power usage and near silent operation it sure sounds like an interesting device to have if you are from the second group of non-traditional miners. Further extending the functionality of the device like adding Lightning support for example and other interesting crypto features could also make it more attractive. Definitely an interesting concept, though not for the traditional crypto miner.

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