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Thanks 2019, you were boring.

Thanks 2019, you were boring.

But in a good way. 2019 for the cryptocurrency industry was just a giant question mark. Apparently, the crypto-winter 2018 represented is over, but then was this some kind of spring? Cause it was really, really long with lots of rainy days in between. Not complaining though! 


It was the year everyone needed to just breathe. To collect some more energy, to actually implement those innovations the whole industry was talking about in 2016-17. In 2019, there was no bull run, but as a silver lining, there was also no pressure caused by an influx of millions of newbies. 


This was the year the industry has spent to just quietly work. To pave the way for all the good stuff that is yet to come. Will it be 2020 when the masses rediscover Bitcoin? Or 2021? Who knows. But until then, and even after that, there is much to do!



Here is what we have done this year (minus the secret projects we can’t talk about yet):


  • GENESIS MINING IS FEATURED ON 60 MINUTES, THE MOST POPULAR NEWS SHOW IN THE USA, WITH MILLIONS OF VIEWERS. This was a big step for the whole industry, being featured in a prime time mainstream show, and a giant leap for our company. 
  • We showed new clips from some secret facilities. We wish we could share more! 
  • The two well known faces of our company, Marco and Phil started to get published in various renowned media, such as Hackernoon, with their own opinion pieces. Have you missed these? Check out our blog, or visit Hackernoon and search for “Marco Streng” and “Philip Salter”. 
  • We released a few cute and hopefully funny animations with Jimmy, our mascot. The goal with this was to explain to friends and family in an easy way, what this whole crypto fun is about. You can find it on our fabulous instagram account as well. Should we do more of these? 
  • We conducted research about “How well Americans Understand Money” and it got quoted in numerous publications. The findings are not just interesting, but important too. Average people know too little about how the financial system works! Here is a bunch of articles with the findings, should you wish to be baffled.


And you are still wondering about those secret projects we mentioned earlier. Well, those will reach full bloom next year. All the (somewhat) quiet work that we have done this year, was to ensure our industry reaches the next level. As the leading mining company, we have a great responsibility to do our part. To research, to build, to transform. 


And these are not just projects involving Genesis Mining. We are part of the Genesis Group, and making mining accessible to everyone is only one piece of the Group’s vision. There’s a whole lot more coming next year. Mark our words! We can’t wait.

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