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Pexa Coin is the First Successful Fork to The New X16Rv2 Algorithm

Pexa Coin is the First Successful Fork to The New X16Rv2 Algorithm


While Ravencoin (RVN) is still yet to fork to the new X16Rv2 algorithm on October 1st we now have a project that already switched to the new algo. Originally the Pexa Coin (PEXA) had to fork on the same date as RVN, but the coin has successfully forked to the new X16Rv2 algorithm earlier then initially planned. Originally the project relied on the X16R algorithm that may not yet have ASIC miners for sure, but there are FPGAs available for it. You might want to check out the PEXA project if you are not familiar with it… it just caught our attention because of the X16Rv2 fork.

Even though the X16Rv2 is already here as used by PEXA and very soon to be used by the much more popular project Ravencoin there do not seem to be much choice for miners with support for the new algorithm. PEXA has posted an unofficial T-Rex 0.14.2 (BETA) builds with support for the X16Rv2 algorithm, you can find the software following the link below, with other popular mining software such as Z-Enemy miner expected to have updates with support in the upcoming days before the RVN fork.

For more details on the Pexa Coin (PEXA) X16Rv2 fork, pools and a compatible miner…

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