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New Rigel 1.3.5 Nvidia GPU Miner With Further Improved NEXA Performance

New Rigel 1.3.5 Nvidia GPU Miner With Further Improved NEXA Performance



The latest update of the Rigel miner version 1.3.5 once more brings it to the top spot in terms of mining performance for NEXA mining after it has briefly lost its leading position to the recent release of lolMiner 1.67 that also brought significant hashrate improvements for the nexapow mining algorithm. Besides the performance/efficiency improvements the new version also brings support for explicit locked clocks reset.

Do note however that users are reporting issues with the new release when mining on Nvidia 4xxx series of GPUs, so you might want to try the latest lolMiner 1.67 on these at least until a fix is made available. Also, you might want to try locking your video memory to 5000 MHz as this seems to be providing the optimal performance boost while saving some power, lowering the video memory to the minimum does lead to significant reduction in the hashrate. Even though the nexapow algorithm is more GPU-intensive it still requires the use of some video memory, so setting it too low for power savings is not beneficial.

Below is an example config for running the Rigel miner on Nvidia RTX 3070 for NEXA mining:

rigel.exe -a nexapow -o stratum+tcp://pool.woolypooly.com:3124 -u YOUR_NEXA_WALLET --cclock 250 --lock-cclock 1750 --lock-mclock 5000

In the example above make sure to replace YOUR_NEXA_WALLET with your walled address for NEXA. Here we are setting a GPU clock offset of 250 (you can try the 200-300 range to see what works best for you), the GPU clock is locket at 1750 and the video memory clock at 5000 MHz. Feel free to experiment with the power limit level and the GPU clock as 1750 MHz might be a bit too much for a 120 Watts TDP limit for instance.

To download the latest Rigel 1.3.5 Nvidia GPU miner with NEXA mining support…

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