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New lolMiner 1.70 and BzMiner v13.4.0 Bring More NEXA Performance Improvements

New lolMiner 1.70 and BzMiner v13.4.0 Bring More NEXA Performance Improvements



After the recent update of both lolMiner and BzMiner that brought AMD GPU support for NEXA, there is a new update for both (jointly working on developing Nexapow) that bring fixes and additional performance and efficiency improvements. You can expect to see an improvement in the NEXA mining performance by 6-8% on all supported Nvidia and AMD GPUs (except on AMD Vega / VII) as well as improved power efficiency with the latest lolMiner 1.70 (nexapow algorithm improvements are the focus of this release). Using BzMiner v13.4.0 you should be able to get similar results in terms of improved performance and efficiency on your mining GPUs, though BzMiner also comes with a number of fixes regarding NEXA, ZIL, Radiant and Ergo fixes as well. Do note that the new NEXA implementation may require new overclocks for stability and performance, so old settings might need some adjusting for optimal results.

Do note that lately Windows releases are showing a bit late for lolMiner compared to the Linux versions, so check back a bit later if you do not yet see the Windows binary release of lolMiner 1.70 with improved NEXA performance and efficiency on GitHub yet. BzMiner has both versions for Windows and Linux up already for the new release, so Windows miners might give it a go while waiting for lolMiner’s Windows version to be uploaded.

To download and try the latest lolMiner 1.70 AMD/Nvidia GPU miner…
To download and try the latest BzMiner v13.4.0 AMD/Nvidia GPU miner…

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