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First Orders of Ice River Kaspa (KAS) ASIC Miners Are Being Delivered

First Orders of Ice River Kaspa (KAS) ASIC Miners Are Being Delivered


Miners have started reporting that they are receiving their orders for the Kaspa (KAS) ASIC miners from Icer River, a newcomer on the ASIC miner market that although new has managed to deliver their dedicated KAS ASIC mining hardware to users first. It is mostly their lower power models KS0 and KS1 for now, though KS2 will probably be next as well. Icer River even lowered the prices of their 100 GH/s, 1TH/s and 2 TH/s ASIC miners that should start shipping in early July. And the company started taking pre-orders for their newly announced models with more power – the KS3 offering 8 TH/s and KS3L with just 5TH/s hashrate for Kaspa mining, these ones are quite expensive though and should start shipping around the second part of July according to the company maiking them.

Bitmain is also expected to start delivering their AntMiner KS3 KASPA ASIC miners with 8.3 TH/s hashrate at around August time, so things should be heating up quickly in terms of network hashrate. The users that manage to get their miners as early as possible have a higher chance to ROI them faster as with newer and more devices starting to hit the KAS network the newly mined coins will go down quickly. We are already starting to see a bit of an increase in the hashrate, though nothing very significant yet.

GPU miners mining KAS would also soon start dropping out and FPGA miners will probably follow not long after that as the profitability will not be worth it and so moving to other projects that do not have ASIC miners yet would make more sense for sure. Then there is also the emission curve that KAS follows that will also help in further reducing the newly mined coins as well. So, if you are waiting for your KAS ASIC miner or just got it, then you are ahead of the game, but if you are considering ordering it just now and expect it in a month or so, you might want to be more careful in the planning.

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