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Bitmain’s Upcoming Antminer KS3 ASIC for Kaspa (KAS) is Crazy Fast

Bitmain’s Upcoming Antminer KS3 ASIC for Kaspa (KAS) is Crazy Fast



Bitmain’s upcoming Antminer KS3 ASIC miner for Kaspa (KAS) has been announced and it boasts some crazy specs for sure, especially compared to what is already available on the market. The hashrate of the KS3 ASIC miner is supposedly 8.3 TH/s with a 3188 Watts of power usage, meaning a 0.38 J/GHs power efficiency. As a comparison a single RTX 3070 GPU optimized does something like 600 MH/s at 90 Watts of power used, so a single KS3 ASIC miner is equal to around 14000 Nvidia RTX 3070 GPUs in terms of hashrate and is going to be way more power efficient. With the current total network hashrate of Kaspa (KAS) at around 1.16 PH/s at this very moment, doubling it with the Antminer KS3 ASIC miners would only take just like 140 devices and Bitmain should be producing way more than that for sure…

There is no official price announced yet and Bitmain is running a competition for users to guess the price, but you can expect it to be in the tens of thousands for sure. Bitmain plans to start shipping the KS3 miners in August, meaning that you can expect a huge spike in difficulty around that time as the new machines start going online. There will be a couple of reductions of the block reward of KAS by that time and with the massive spike in the hashrate the crazy high profitability of over $2500 USD per day at the moment for the KS3 should be much lower by the time you can actually get your hands on a miner. Bitmain of course wants to take your money now for the KS3.

So, FPGA mining and GPU mining for KAS will start to fade out with ASIC miners hitting the network as it will become unprofitable for sure, even with the price increasing it will still be unreasonable to think that you’d be able to compete with significantly faster and much more power efficient in terms of hashrate ASIC miners. You still have a little more time left to mine though, so do not be quick to switch to another coin just yet. Or use the opportunity to stack up on some KAS coins while the price is low.

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