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Crypto, Crypto, Crypto... CEO Says 'Crypto' 100K Times For Homeless Charity

Crypto, Crypto, Crypto… CEO Says ‘Crypto’ 100K Times For Homeless Charity

The CEO of a digital currency exchange in the UK has set himself an incredibly bizarre challenge. People have been donating to Pete Wood of CoinBurp as he attempts to raise money for a homeless charity by saying the word “crypto” 100,000 times.

Wood is live streaming the challenge via YouTube with public addresses displayed for both Bitcoin and Ethereum donations. The proceeds of the fund raiser will be gifted to the Centrepoint – the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity.

UK Crypto Exchange Working with Homeless Charity to Promote Cryptocurrency Giving

According to the description on the YouTube live stream of the obscure fund raiser, the little-known UK crypto exchange CoinBurp will be working with the UK homeless charity Centrepoint over the course of December to raise money for those sleeping rough over the holiday season. The 100,000 “crypto” challenge is the first of a series of events the two organisations will hold together in the lead up to Christmas.

At the time of writing, Woods has been at the challenge for a total of five and a hour hours and is not even halfway done. At around the 5.5 hour mark, he had said “crypto” just over 46,000 times.

On the live stream, he looks increasingly fed up with his decision to say the word 100,000 times, occasionally entering a trance-like rhythm for a few hundred repetitions before staring longingly into the distance – no doubt thinking of literally any activity he could be spending his entire Tuesday doing instead of saying “crypto”. Face rubs, eye rolls, long breaths, and other telltale signs of an engulfing sense of ennui frequently punctuate his endless chant of “crypto, crypto, crypto”.

Unfortunately, Wood’s more than five hours of effort (that looks like it will end up being more than 12 by the time he has finished) hasn’t prompted any great outpouring of giving just yet. The Bitcoin address featured on the video has received just $90 via a total of eight transactions. Meanwhile, just $12.28 arrived at the Ethereum address. With the one percent boost that the UK-based exchange has promised to apply to any money given to Centrepoint, CoinBurp is looking at a massive donation themselves of just over one whole dollar at the time of writing. There is, however, still plenty of time for this to improve, as Wood is no doubt well aware.

The live stream is reportedly the first of a total of four events that will run during December. The exchange is yet to detail the others or whether they will involve the CEO partaking in any other mind numbingly pointless tasks. According to a blog post to CoinBurp’s website, the collaboration with Centrepoint is not only an effort to encourage people to donate to a worthy cause but to also raise the profile of cryptocurrency use and to encourage more charities to accept donations via digital assets.


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