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Mining EthereumPoW (ETHW) Crypto after the Merge of Ethereum

Mining EthereumPoW (ETHW) Crypto after the Merge of Ethereum


EthereumPoW (ETHW) is the name of the Proof of Work fork that continued as PoW after the original Ethereum (ETH) has switched to Proof of Stake after the so-called Merge of ETH that has happened on 15th of September. ETHW is mineable on a number of large pools already and is available for trading on some of the larger exchanges with more coming apparently as the interest, especially from miners is pretty high at the moment. The ETHW hard forking from ETH means that any address that had Ethereum coins available on the Ethereum mainnet will also have the same amount of ETHW coins on the EthereumPoW mainnet. Many of the exchanges that added support for ETHW have already credited users with coins based on their ETH holdings at the time of the fork, though not all have started trading yet.

EthereumPoW (ETHW) has a price of a little over $6 USD at the moment, though that price can fluctuate wildly at the moment. The peak price ETHW has reached was a little of over $60 USD for a brief moment soon after the hard fork, but is currently at just about 1/10 of that peak level it had according to CoinMarketCap. You can visit the official website of the EthereumPoW – The Original Ethereum Blockchain powered by Proof of Work, though we’ll try to summarize the most important things to help you get started mining ETHW if you are interested. Here you can find an ETHW Explorer and the official GitHub page with EthereumPoW code

The best thing about EthereumPoW (ETHW) is that it uses the very familiar Dagger-Hashimoto or Ethash algorithm that was used by Ethereum (ETH) supported by most mining software such as PhoenixMiner, NBMiner, T-Rex Miner, lolMiner and many others. So, if you were just mining ETH prior to the Merge, you should be able to very quickly and easily get up to speed with switching to ETHW mining. The only thing you will need is a new mining pool with support for ETHW such as,,, or – these are the Top 5 ETHW mining pools in terms of mining hashrate at the moment. Then you would also need to get an ETHW wallet address, if you don’t have one already, in a supporting exchange such as Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex or one of the others that already have introduced support for EthereumPoW.

That is it you can point your mining hardware to mine the ETHW coin easily and pretty straightforward if you were already mining ETH, the only thing that remains to happen is for EthereumPoW to become profitable to be mined as currently it is the same as with other crypto coins. Mining ETHW at the moment can hardly even cover for the electricity being used with its current price and difficulty level, profitability wise it is on par with Ethereum Classic (ETC) at the moment. Though for ETC mining you have the option to increase the mining profitability by dual-mining ETC+ZIL.

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